Iowa Online Poker a Possibility for Iowa Gamblers

Iowa Online PokerIowa Online Poker a Possibility for Iowa Gamblers

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission have been looking at some ways to increase revenue with State gambling. They are currently collecting data on online poker for a State report to go in front of legislature in December.

Online Poker in Iowa

The study is being conducted at request of the Iowa State government. More readily at hand is the possibility of allowing Iowans to place online bets for horse racing through Prairie Meadows. The idea of allowing phone and online race betting through the Prairie Meadows racetrack is to possibly keep the track alive with an increase in revenue.

Prairie Meadows Racetrack

Because of the vast expanse of land that lies between most Iowans and the racetrack, it makes it difficult for some to get to the racetrack. Allowing online betting at Prairie Meadows would give those Iowans an opportunity to play the ponies without having to travel.