Las Vegas Poker Draws an Audience but Nobody’s Buying

LAS VEGAS POKERLas Vegas Poker Draws an Audience but Nobody’s Buying

Las Vegas hosted the World Series of Poker Main Event and that brought a lot of visitors from around the US and other parts of the world, but no one seems to be gambling. The Convention and Visitors Authority recently reported that people visiting Las Vegas went up a substantial 5.5% from figures reported last year.

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Las Vegas is now up nearly a full 5% in visitors overall this year when compared to last year. However, the Authority is also reporting that revenue for gambling sharply declined 6.6%. So Las Vegas is still a tourist destination, but those visitors only seem to be going to stay at hotels and see shows, but not gamble. In this depressed economy, Las Vegas makes sense as fares are extremely reasonable.

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Then again, not gambling also makes sense as there is less disposable income. Everyone could use a vacation, but obviously they aren’t looking to possibly lose their shirts at the roulette or poker tables.