Free Poker

Free PokerFree Poker, Don’t Get Rusty

Since the shutdown of nearly all of the online poker sites for US players, persistent players wanting to keep their game tight have started taking up free poker. There are a few sites like PokerStars and Cake Poker that offer free poker. The most important reason that Americans stay in the game right now, is that this slow period is giving other countries an advantage in producing new poker stars. Besides the financial effect that the online poker for US players shutdown has created, there’s also the advantage that non-US players are getting.



Online Poker Sites for US Players

Americans were the top poker players in the world and now, many of those top players are moving out of the country to continue their career or taking a hiatus until 2012 when the gambling laws will be completely worked out. As long as there is a tradition of playing poker, even playing free poker online, Americans can continue to stay at the top of their game. Don’t be surprised if old tactics and poker strategies no longer work when you return to online poker for real money, since people in the UK and Italy will be playing every night to hone their skills.

Free Poker

Free poker might not hold the same excitement as real money poker playing online did, but the benefit of continue to practice the skill may payoff hopefully sooner than later. PokerStars is probably the most populated free poker site that has more professional and intermediate level players. Free poker games like those found on Facebook will be filled with amateurs so it really isn’t worth your time to play at those. The benefit to Facebook and Zynga free poker is that you would have access to millions of players, which makes for a great forum for discussing online poker.