Legal US Online Poker

ClubWPT Open for American Players

Some may wonder, what does Club WPT offer then. This website offers players free poker tables where players will not have to put real money on the table, they will also be able to fully access the WPT, which stands for World Poker tour. They will be able to view the WPT Poker Magazine, WPT shows, outtakes, discounts in Vegas, interviews, ringtones and wallpapers alongside enjoying sweepstakes on a monthly basis and multi-table poker tournaments.  All of these services are offered to players in a very friendly environment.

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Players will also be able to contact customer support at any time even before they become members. As soon as players enter the website, they will see the live chat popup that they can use in order to ask about anything. Players will be able to utilize one of two membership types. There is a free once that is called the Basic Membership & there is a one that costs $19.95 in monthly fees, this one is called the VIP Membership.

Both memberships would enable poker players to enjoy freerolls tournaments, WPT access alongside numerous poker resources that enables them to enhance their poker game including articles, interviews, an odds calculator & a strategy guide that is written by some of the best poker players of all time. As for the VIP Membership, this membership offers players something extra, the golden chip. This golden chip allows its holders to enter Multi Table tournaments and sweepstakes that offer tickets to WPT events and $100,000 in cash prizes.

ClubWPT Tournaments

These multi table tournaments are scheduled and players will be able to view them on the official website of ClubWPT. Players will be given the chance to opt-in these tournaments up to the moment these tournaments start but once they start, players will not be able to join in the fun. On the other hand, players who want to withdraw from any tournament that they have registered to will be able to do that until 15 minutes from its start according to the schedule.

Players who are late for the tournament will still be a part of it but if they do not show up after 12 minutes from the start of the tournament, they will be eliminated. During these twelve minutes, they will be blinded off until they return.

During the tournaments, players will be moved from their tables to other tables in order to maintain an equal number of players at all of the tables in the tournament. Players who are going to be relocated will be notified before they are moved. When they are relocated, if they find themselves sitting between the button and the big blind, they will not be able to participate until the button passes them. There are also Sit N Go Tournaments and No Limit tournaments where there is no limit to the amount of raises that players can perform.

All of the players at the tables will start with the exact same amount of poker chips and they will keep playing until they are eliminated one by one until one player acquires all of the chips.

Monthly Sweepstakes

ClubWPT holds monthly Sweepstakes that rewards players with cash prizes of $100,000 & tickets to World Poker Tour events. ClubWPT respects the regulations and the laws of states and countries in terms of sweepstakes. This is why people who live in areas or jurisdictions that illegalize sweepstakes will not be able to participate in them nor purchasing the VIP Membership. This is why players should check their eligibility before applying for such membership.

As for the areas where Sweepstakes are legal, ClubWPT respects the regulations and the laws that are concerned with such events. The areas where sweepstakes are legal in the United States include 36 jurisdictions. These states include New York, Washington D.C, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Hawaii, Texas, Vermont, Maine, Louisiana, Florida, Delaware, Alaska, California and Arizona among others. It is also legal in France, Australia, the UK and Canada.

Players who do not reside in any of the above-mentioned jurisdictions will still be able to access ClubWPT but only through the Basic Membership. They will be able to participate in freerolls tournaments, access WPT interviews, ringtones, wallpapers, poker guides and more but they will not be able to participate in Multi table tournaments and the monthly $100,000 sweepstakes.