Blaze Poker Release

PokerStarsAs all the fans of speed poker know, it has been announced last week that Stan James is going to release its new fast poker product through the software developing giant, Microgaming. This new fast poker product will be named Blaze Poker. After such release, Microgaming has made an announcement of its own. This statement contained a lot of information regarding this product, Blaze Poker. This new poker product was officially released on Thursday. This new and innovative kind of poker offers the player with a very new and an original experience of poker.

This type of poker, fast poker, allows the player to join a poker table, a pool, instead of joining a fixed poker table. Once the poker has ends, either by folding the hand or playing the full hand, the player will be instantly moved to another table where a new hand has just been dealt. This ensures the players the more hands in the less time, as the player will not have to wait for the hand to end. For instance, it is expected that each hour, at any given Blaze Poker table, 300 poker hands will be played. Three hundred poker hands each hour is basically 4x or 5x the number of poker hands that get played per hour in normal poker tables. According to the Head of games in Microgaming, Lydia Melton, this kind of poker would give the players one of a kind experience that they never had before while playing online poker.