Daniel Negreanu Beaten by a Young German – at Poker

Free Online PokerIt has been reported that the famous poker player Daniel Negreanu, known as KidPoker has lost against an unknown internet poker player named rUaBot right after winning it big in Monaco. This happened last Saturday in the Poker stars challenge, the Pokerstars’ Limit Hold’em. It came as a shock to the poker universe as Daniel Negreanu is considered one of the best poker players, and to be defeated by an unknown internet player is big news.

The rules of the Pokerstars challenge were for the two players, rUaBot and Daniel Negreanu to play 1,250 poker hands of fixed limit hold’em poker over 2 different tables. The stakes on these tables were 200 dollars/ 400 dollars. Each player would start this challenge with only having seventy five thousand dollars in his account. This challenge will come to an end when one player takes the other’s player’s whole bankroll. rUaBot is not an amateur player, as the young poker player who came from Germany seemed to know a lot about the game when he was talking with the Pokerstars commentator right before the start of the match. He was talking about how Fixed limit poker is a strategic game when compared to no-limit.

Despite the loss, Daniel Negreanu is known for his good spirit when he loses. After he lost he complemented rUaBot through a tweet saying that rUaBot is a young professional poker genius. rUaBot’s spirit was the same as he said that Daniel Negreanu is a very good player and that he enjoyed playing with him a lot.