German Online Poker in the News

Poker GamesGreat news coming from Germany, from the state of Schleswig Holstein to be exact, as the state has issued three online gambling licenses for the first time last Thursday. The three licenses were issued to three different firms, the first one being Betfair, the British internet gambling firm for sport wagering, the second one was issued to mybet, also for sport betting and the third one was issued to the state lottery.

German Online Poker

This came as a result of the voting that took place last September where the government decided to have more relaxed laws when it came to online gambling and sport wagering. These licensed are expected to stay valid until 2018.

The state of Schleswig Holstein only demands a 20% tax on the net profits of the online gambling companies and it doesn’t ask for any tax on the turnover or any kind of punitive tax. It also allows all kinds of casino style gambling. While this is considered as great progress to the online gambling market in Germany, but these licenses are restricted to the state of Schleswig Holstein. As the rest of the 15 German states still oppose any kind of internet gambling and they ban it completely.

Schleswig Holstein Poker Games

Commenting on this, the interior ministry of the state of Schleswig Holstein stated that the state is expected to issue more licenses for more casino styled games and poker games in the next few weeks. It has also been known that Betfair already applied for such licenses.