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Over the next few months, we foresee an increase in US poker sites returning and opening up.  Texas Holdem poker online sites in the US are already in the works in states like Iowa, Nevada, DC and others.  We believe that by February of 2012, regulations for licensing  US poker sites will be in place.  If it’s just wishful thinking, then so be it.  However, our speculation is based on the current push to end the prohibition of online poker in the US and the big moves that major online gambling companies and US based interests are making.

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The following poker reviews are offered for research purposes only.  Most of the online poker sites reviewed on this page and throughout this website are based in the UK or other countries and hold licenses either within their home country or outside of it.  There are a few poker sites that are still able to offer their online poker services to citizens of the United States.  It is by your own discretion whether you choose to utilize those services.  We offer poker reviews of online poker sites for informational purposes and not as suggestions.  In other words, guys and gals, it’s a free country, follow the rules whatever they may be.  This page will be updated as new developments arise in the US online poker market.

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