Poker Online at Cake Poker

Poker Online at Cake Poker

Cake Poker first came onto the online poker scene about seven years back. Since 2004, Cake Poker has stayed true to their original mission of building the better poker site. Cake Poker runs very smoothly on most Windows computers and the 3D simulated players are decent looking, but the graphics aren’t amazing. Cake Poker is currently undergoing a population boom with their recent advertising campaign. There are probably not many sites you have visited that didn’t have a Cake Poker ad on it. The reason that Cake Poker is getting so many new players is that they are one of the very few poker rooms left that is open to US players. However, they are still a smaller poker community, but with new blood coming in, that could quickly change. As Cake Poker continues to build its US presence, they still don’t have any poker pros working for the online poker room, so it’s fair game when newbies arrive. Patient players could make some decent wins off the soft competition.

Cake Poker runs its own software and network. This gives them a lot of control over being able to make player recommended software changes such as new features or other tweaks. This is something that other poker online rooms aren’t able to accomplish because they are only a small cog in much bigger clockwork. Cake Poker runs a global network, so players from all over are welcomed. When WSOP is up, players flock to Cake Poker’s WSOP Satellites and the reason most often given is that Cake Poker software is the most user friendly one on the market. WSOP Satellites are not the only poker online tournaments that this poker room runs. Besides live satellites, Cake Poker also runs guaranteed tournaments weekly. Their tourney line-up includes bounty tournaments, gold chip tourneys and turbo tournaments. The action can be fast, so you need to bring your ‘A’ game.

Soft competition at medium stakes attracts grinders that are building their banks to go for higher stakes games. Micro-staked games are where it’s easy pickin’s, but the lower stakes aren’t that enticing for semi-pros, so if you want a more predictable game, you should probably stick to mid-level stakes tables.

If you are curious about how to deposit money to a Cake Poker account, you are welcome to check out any of their options on their website when you go to sign up. Cake Poker offers several methods in which to deposit and withdrawal funds such as Skrill which was formerly known as Moneybookers.

Poker Tournaments and Tournament Rules at Cake Poker

There’s always going to be rules to follow in a tournament and every poker room gets their say as to what’s aloud. Cake Poker is fairly standard in their rules, but it’s really important to read up on the rules before you even think of getting into a tournament. Knowing the rules can save you a lot of embarrassment and a lot of rolling eyes and disapproving grunts. While you might not hear them at your computer, trust me everyone at a table shakes their head in disbelief at every dumbass thing that happens at the table. The following is just a quick rundown of the rules for poker tourneys at Cake Poker.

First come first served is how you get a seat at a Cake Poker tournament. Seat positions are randomized and seats cannot be changed and will only be moved to other tables as needed and decided by the software. One of the most important rules is that chip dumping is not allowed. If you and another player are found to be engaging in soft play or chip dumping then you accounts can be seized and you will probably get permabanned. It’s like that at most online poker tournaments, but it’s always good to mention as some might not know what it means or say they say. It isn’t just the ethical issues involved with it, but most casinos and poker rooms frown on chip dumping because it can be considered money laundering. Usually that aspect doesn’t happen at a tournament and would more likely be done in heads up, but you can’t ban one person for an offense and not another. Chip dumping is just a dumb practice so either stop or don’t start.

Every poker room will have core rules that are the same, but some handle cancellations and such, differently. Once you have registered with Cake Poker, just check out their rules for tournament play before signing up for one.

Cake Poker Bonus

The welcome bonus at Cake Poker is one of the best offered by a poker online room. First time depositors get a 110% match up to $600 plus a reload bonus every time one is available. Cake is fairly steady with their promotions and bonuses, so there’s a lot of ways to increase value on deposits. One of the great things about Cake Poker is that they allow you to layer all bonuses that you are eligible for. This is one of the best way to maximize the value of your account with Cake Poker. Just keep an eye out for all promotions and bonuses that Cake is offering and also make sure that you pay attention to their loyalty rewards program. Every bonus, promotion and reward is designed to boost player loyalty and confidence in Cake Poker and the Cake Network.